Yogatma Srihari

Entrepreneur, Yoga Guru, Social Activist, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Influential Orator

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Logical Leadership Program

Yogatma Srihari’s top leadership program has helped many in bringing out their true self and achieving success.

Health And Wellness Program

With 40 years of research in Yogic Science and Healing, Yogatma Srihari’s expertise is most applicable in everyone’s life.

Transform Your Life

A Leader Is The One Who Knows The Way, Goes The Way And Shows The Way

Yogatma Srihari’s life theme is logical and practical application of astrology and vasthu in all walks of life, study of different places, religions, languages, and cultures, and creating awareness about all good which improves self and society and rejecting all bad which harms self and society.

Logical Leadership Program

Business Leadership Program

Skill Development Program

Corporate Lifestyle Program

Political Leadership Program

Social Leadership Program

Business Leadership

A business leader inspires, motivates, and encourages people to achieve visionary goals.  A successful leader sets a good example is a role model.  He is also an active listener and focuses on what the speaker is saying; regularly paraphrasing to check that he has received the speaker’s intended message.

Political Leadership

Political leadership requires focus on the long-term good above and beyond personal short-term gains.  Good political leadership is a combination of charisma and integrity.

Yoga For Corporates

Corporates offen suffer from stress, back pain, sleeplessness. Yogatma Srihari’s technique for managing your corporate lifestyle will come in handy this time!

Service With Pride, Lead With Confidence, Inspire To Impact Others

Yogatma Srihari is associated with several social organisations. He is the founder of GSS Yogic Research Foundation which promotes yoga. He is a mentor for APNADESH Mysore, ACT (Alert Citizen Team), Yoga Federation of Mysuru, and Citizens’ Forum for Mysuru. He is actively involved in organizations such as Let’s Do It, Rotary, OJAS, JSS Group of Institutions, Youth for Seva, V-Lead, Aasare Foundation, Kautilya Vidyalaya, and Jeevadhara Blood Bank.

Yogatma Srihari is also associated with many government organizations like Mysuru District Tourism Department, AYUSH Yoga & Naturopathy – Department of Education, Mysore City Department of Transport, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (as an Ideapreneur) and Mysore City Corporation’s Swachh Bharath.

Years Practising Yoga

Years In Real Estate

Years Researching Yogic Science

Clients Adviced

A Humble Human

Yogatma Srihari is an entrepreneur, yoga guru, social activist, renowned life motivator, mentor, and an influential orator. He is into yoga since 1975. He is the Chairman of GSS Groups as well as Founder of GSS Yogic Research Foundation and GSS Projects. GSS Yogic Research Foundation is into Yogic R&D on Logical Yoga Science.


Alone we can do so little. Together we can achieve things beyond our imagination.

Health & Wellness

Your body is a temple. Nurture it with good food, exercise, meditation, and rest.


Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary things from ordinary people.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality for oneself.

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