6 R Formula to Enhance Professional Wellness


6 R Formula to Enhance Professional Wellness

Professional wellness is the state of overall well-being in the workplace. It encompasses physical and mental health, job satisfaction and work-life balance. Achieving professional wellness is crucial for scaling productivity and personal satisfaction. It involves managing stress, maintaining a positive work environment and prioritizing self-care. By focusing on professional wellness, individuals can enjoy more satisfying and successful careers while also improving their quality of life.  

Yogatma Srihari is an excellent orator and has carefully curated the 6 R formula to enhance professional wellness at a workplace/business.


Reachability or the access of being accessible, plays a significant role in professional wellness. In today’s fast-paced world, the constant availability of technology can blur the boundaries between different places located in varied geographical locations and time zones. Achieving a healthy level of reachability, such as setting boundaries for when to be ‘on’ and ‘off’, is essential. By managing reachability effectively, professionals can protect their well-being, reduce stress and maintain a more balanced work-life experience, enhancing overall professional wellness.


Reliability both in terms of own work and the reliability of workplace systems significantly impacts professional wellness. When employees can rely on the consistency and stability of their work environment, it reduces stress and promotes a sense of security. A reliable workplace fosters trust, enhances job satisfaction and encourages a healthy life balance. Employers and employees alike play a crucial role in ensuring reliability in the workplace. Satisfactory results and productive careers can be sought by fostering a reliable professional environment and enhancing professional wellness.


Reasonability in terms of fairness and the logic of workplace policies and decisions, profoundly influences professional wellness. When employees perceive their treatment as reasonable, it bolsters their job satisfaction and keeps them motivated. Fairness in payrolls and opportunities fosters trust and contentment, leading to a healthier work environment. Employees should prioritize fairness and logic in their day-to-day operations and also in their actions. Reasonability contributes to a more fulfilling, equitable and balanced professional life.


Responsibility both in terms of one’s duties and the organization’s commitment to its employees, significantly influences professional wellness and the overall performance of an organization. When employees are entrusted with appropriate tasks and have a sense of ownership in their work, it can boost job satisfaction, motivation, and overall well-being. A responsible workplace that values employee well-being promotes loyalty and a healthier work environment. Employers and employees should collaborate to ensure a balanced distribution of responsibilities and a commitment to employee welfare, fostering a more fulfilling and sustainable professional life.


The ability to find effective solutions and adapt to challenges in the workplace has a significant impact on professional wellness. When employees are resourceful, they can overcome obstacles, feel more confident in their roles and experience lower stress levels. A resourceful work environment encourages creativity and problem-solving techniques contributing to job satisfaction and a healthier work-life balance. Employers can promote resourcefulness by fostering a culture of innovation. Emphasizing resourcefulness can enhance overall wellness and professional wellness.


Respect is a vital element in shaping professional wellness. When individuals are treated with respect and dignity in the workplace, it cultivates a positive atmosphere, reduces stress, and enhances overall job satisfaction. Mutual respect among colleagues and between employees and employers fosters trust and cooperation, contributing to a healthier work environment. Employers can promote respect through fair policies and a respectful corporate culture. Employees should prioritize respectful interactions. By emphasizing respect, individuals can contribute to a more harmonious and fulfilling professional life.

Several factors significantly influence professional wellness. 6 R Formula comprising of varied elements plays crucial roles in shaping one’s job satisfaction, managing work-life balance and overall well-being. According to the wisdom imparted by Yogatma Srihari, these factors reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and a healthier and more fulfilling professional life. Both employers and employees must collaborate in fostering a workplace environment that values and promotes these elements, ultimately leading to a more harmonious and rewarding professional life. Contact GSS Yoga today to explore professional wellness in-depth and enroll for live sessions by Yogatma Sriahri.

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