About Yogatma Srihari

Yogatma Srihari’s approach to a contented life is to organize the unorganized, match the haves and have-nots, remove all social evils, bring love and affection in society, unite generations and cultures, and make our nation strong and safe.

He is meticulously involved in the study of different places, religions, languages, and cultures, creating awareness about everything good and rejecting everything terrible. Yogatma Srihari has initiated and mentored numerous humanitarian programs and events to instigate wellness and harmony personally, professionally and socially.


From Milestones to Memories

A Lifetime Marked by Progress

Personal Journey

Yogatma Srihari, born into a modest family, began his yogic journey at age 7 and excelled by 10. He maintained physical fitness and a robust work ethic, capable of working up to 16-18 hours. Rooted in moral values and empathy, he pursued a B.Com degree. He ventured into banking, at the Oriental Bank of Commerce. Driven to follow his beliefs, he explored diverse experiences, ultimately paving the path to entrepreneurship.

Professional Journey

Yogatma Srihari started an advisory in Bangalore. In 1997, GSS Project Consultants Private Limited was incorporated in Bangalore. He extensively researched the Real Estate Market for a year in Mysuru. He became a permanent resident of Mysuru in 2006. With a vision for significant opportunities and yogic research, Yogatma Srihari is designated as the chairman of GSS Projects Mysuru and has inspired many to practice yoga. He ventured into the media sector, sharing insightful talks and promoting holistic wellness.

Socio Journey

Since his schooling days, Yogatma Srihari was inclined to work in teams with more team members. His strength and energy motivated him to take up socio activities with his family, relatives, neighbours, friends and many more without any agenda or expectation. He has worked with smaller and bigger organizations for many socio-causes without any ulterior motives. His strengths with society were his ideologies and co-working with people.


Esteemed Socio Positions Engaged by Yogatma Srihari

Founder & Managing Trustee

GSS Yogic Research Foundation




Federation of Associations of Mysuru (FOAM)


 Yoga Federation of Mysore (YFM)


Skill Committee, CREDAI Karnataka

Vice Chairman

CSR Committee, CREDAI Karnataka

Vice Chairman

Rotary Global Yoga


Rotary Mysore

Executive Committee Member

Builders Association of India (BAI)


 Apnadesh, Mysuru


Alert Citizens Team (ACT)

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