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Chaitanya Yoga Education & Research Foundation: Chaitanya Yoga Award 2024

Yogatma Srihari received the prestigious Yoga Chaitanya Award from the Chaitanya Yoga Education & Research Foundation, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the realms of yoga and yogic research.

Vistara News: Business Excellence Award-2023: Award conferred by Veteran Actor Ramesh Aravind

Yogatma Srihari was honored with the Vistara Business Excellence Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the realms of business and entrepreneurship.

Asianet Suvarana Kannadaprabha: Mysuru Business Awards-2022

Yogatma Srihari was conferred with the Asianet Suvarana Kannadaprabha: Mysuru Business Awards -2022 in recognition of his exceptional contribution to entrepreneurship.

VRL Media Private Limited: ‘VIJAYARATNA’ Award conferred by Veteran Actor Ramesh Aravind & Dr. Sankeshwar-2022

Yogatma Srihari presented with Vijayaratna Award by VRL to recognize his epitome of endeavours and his contribution to the field of business development.

Siddha-Vetha Research Institute: Trans-Disciplinary Excellence Award-2022

Trans Disciplinary Excellence Award 20222 conferred to Yogatma Srihari by Siddha Vetha Research Institute for his efficient management and scalability of diverse businesses and other ventures.

CEO Insights: Top Corporate Leaders from Mysuru-2022

CEO Insights recognizes and honors Yogatma Srihari as Top Corporate Leaders from Mysuru 2022 for his resilience and undoubted performance in running a business successfully.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: Organizing the Largest Yoga Session in a Single Venue-2017 (55506 people gathered)

Yogatma Srihari entered the Guinness World Record by organizing the Largest Yoga Session in a Single Venue-2017 (55506 people gathered)

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Business Excellence Award-2023

Award conferred by veteran actor Ramesh Aravind on exemplary contribution across varied business verticals.

Vijayaratna Award-2022

YS was honored with Vijayaratna Award , recognizing his significant contributions to both the business sectors and humanity.

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