Coffee Club

Coffee Club

What is Coffee Club?

  • A coffee club is an exciting concept by Yogatma Srihari to make new friends and enrich social life.
  • A group of like-minded resourceful people are invited. The core competence will be bringing resourceful people together, empowering them, increasing human interactions and enhancing public relations.
  • There is no hidden agenda. There is no president, secretary, treasure etc.  
  • It is an excellent platform to exchange ideas, information and pleasantries, share updates, know each other’s fields of interest and expertise, impart knowledge and increase network. It could serve as a forum, a platform, a get-together place, or a hangout place depending on your preference.

Contents of Coffee Club:

  • Meets will be held once a month.
  • Each group consists of 50 members.
  • Introduction of each member to the group.
  • The duration of each meeting will be 2 hours.
  • Coffee Club accords fellowship and hosts light refreshments/breakfast/lunch/dinner get-togethers.
  • Dialogue/topics for discussion to be presented actively by one of the members.

Why Coffee Club?

  • People get to know each other through light-hearted sessions, good food and social gatherings. In today’s modern age, people often choose to spend their time on their digital devices rather than engaging with strangers due to insecurity.
  • According to psychologists, if you’re satisfied with your social life, you tend to be satisfied with life in general. We truly get to know each other and form genuine connections when we engage in real conversations. This resourceful group can be utilized for opportunities and in times of crisis and peril to help the needy.


  • Coffee Club sessions are usually hosted at a good hotel or places of our own.
  • This intention is to have multiple coffee clubs throughout the globe, connecting people from varied geographical locations of the worlds, vivid cultures and different subjects.

How much does it cost?

  • The fees for club membership will be very modest and affordable.
  • No bank accounts or any other financial credentials are required to join the club.
  • The expenses of each coffee club session can be shared or sponsored by one or more members.

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