Entrepreneurs Welfare Forum

Entrepreneurs Welfare Forum

Entrepreneurs are passionate individuals who are dynamic and innovative in their approach and take on the challenge of starting and managing business ventures and corporations. They are driven by a vision, often identifying opportunities in the market. They devise creative solutions to meet consumer needs and contribute to their utmost satisfaction. At the core of entrepreneurship lies the willingness to take risks, make decisions and embrace uncertainty.

Entrepreneurs put their hearts, minds and souls into creating a business, nourishing it, and scaling it. The progression of entrepreneurs is often riddled with challenges, ranging from financial constraints to regulatory hurdles. They navigate challenges with a problem-solving mindset, learning from failures and leveraging setbacks as opportunities for growth. They risk their health, family life and personal obligations for business. In the process, they create jobs and enhance the organization’s wealth, thus appreciating the economy of the nation. Entrepreneurship is a prominent driver of economic growth, playing a pivotal role in innovation and wealth generation. They put in more extended hours than their counterparts. Initially, they even forego entertainment and pleasures to transform their dreams into reality.

What do they get in return?

Entrepreneurs dedicate years and at times even decades, of relentless effort to carve out a modest presence in both the business world and society at large. Progressing without a safety net or influential support can be a formidable challenge for an entrepreneur. The absence of a backup or a godfather makes the journey to success more arduous, underscoring the significance of external support in facilitating the entrepreneurial path. Numerous unseen obstacles like finance, marketing, human resource management, departmental clearances, complaints, legal proceedings, etc. challenge them in running the business efficiently.

Before entrepreneurs achieve success, society often treats them harshly. They endure numerous sleepless nights filled with anguish, facing insults and criticism not only within their families but also in social circles, among friends, and occasionally in the workplace. The journey to success is laden with solitude and the weight of disparagement, making the path to achievement a challenging and isolating experience for entrepreneurs.

Many a time, these entrepreneurs tend to make hideous decisions and even try to end their lives. They are always at the receiving end of the govt. departments, the judiciary, the media, the bankers, the financial institutions, the politicians, the policymakers and their employees. They become isolated in the eyes of all and feel frustrated. They lose interest in business as their visions are disturbed whatsoever. The business suffers or collapses.

Entrepreneurs who generate employment, contribute to tax revenues, and meet societal needs deserve greater respect and appreciation. Society should extend affectionate support and care towards them, complemented by applause and recognition from the government.

The Entrepreneurs Welfare Forum (EWF) put forth by Yogatma Srihari, aims to establish a mutually beneficial environment, fostering the growth of emerging entrepreneurs and supporting employees in skill development. Yogatma Srihari aspires to create more entrepreneurs to create employment. It is dedicated to advocating for the rights and interests of entrepreneurs across diverse industries.

The forum seeks to impart valuable insights from elders and experienced individuals, offer guidance during challenging periods, and provide access to a robust network of business leaders, professionals, policymakers, and legal experts. This collective effort empowers participants to effectively oversee the intricacies of running their businesses. Yogatma Srihari has thoughtfully crafted professional well-being, aiming to promote principles that aid businesses, professionals and corporations in attaining growth and scalability.

Entrepreneurs Welfare Forum Goals

Policy Advocacy:

Entrepreneurs Welfare Forum engages in dialogue with policymakers, presenting the perspectives and concerns of entrepreneurs. Through research-backed proposals, the forum strives to influence policies that promote entrepreneurship, such as tax incentives and regulatory simplification.

Skill Development Programs:

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, the forum organizes skill development programs covering areas such as finance management, marketing strategies, and technological advancements. These programs empower entrepreneurs with the tools needed to stay competitive in a dynamic business landscape.

Incubation and Mentorship:

The forum establishes incubation centres and mentorship programs to nurture and guide budding entrepreneurs. Experienced business leaders provide valuable insights and advice, contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of new ventures.

The Entrepreneurs Welfare Forum put forth by Yogatma Srihari serves as a guiding light to entrepreneurs providing essential support at crucial times championing their cause and contributing to the overall economic development of communities. Through policy-making, education and community-building initiatives, the forum plays a crucial role in fostering an environment where entrepreneurship can flourish. While making significant strides, the forum must continuously strive to expand its reach to entrepreneurs in underserved regions. This involves developing scalable programs and leveraging technology to connect with a wider audience.

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